Policies & Guidelines

Saratoga Springs CSD Coach Training Policy

  1. It's the goal of the Saratoga‐Wilton Soccer Club (SWSC) to bridge the gap between the teams and coaches between SWSC and those of the Saratoga Springs Central School District (SSCSD). Our board members and parents have been very impressed by the passion and commitment of Saratoga’s soccer coaches and want to help support them in their professional development.


  2. The SWSC pays for coaching clinics for our club coaches and wanted to extend this professional courtesy to the school coaches. Specifically, the SWSC will pay Saratoga varsity, junior varsity, freshmen, and modified boys and girls soccer coaches who enroll in Capital District Youth Soccer League Level I and II coaching classes. Interested school coaches should contact the SWSC President in advance.

SWSC Club Logo and Use Policy

 Official SWSC Logo.

The SWSC Board of Directors has adopted the displayed logo as the official logo of the Saratoga-Wilton Soccer Club as of August 2007. No Other logo is sanctioned or authorized for use as representing a team, player, or event affiliated with the Saratoga-Wilton Soccer Club.

SWSC Logo Use Policy

Use of the Saratoga-Wilton Soccer Club logo shall be only with prior written permission (e-mail or hard copy) from the SWSC. The SWSC may withhold approval at its sole discretion. The SWSC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or modify permission to display the SWSC logo at any time.

  • The SWSC logo must be used only for the purpose requested; additional uses require separate permissions.
  • The SWSC logo may not be used in any manner that expresses or might imply the SWSC's affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification or approval of any product or service.
  • You may use the logo only as provided by the SWSC. Except as provided in these guidelines, you may not alter the SWSC logo in any manner, including size, proportions, colors, elements; or animate, morph or otherwise distort its perspective or appearance.
  • The SWSC logo may be resized to accommodate a specific use, but the text within the logo ("Saratoga - Wilton Soccer Club") must remain legible. The SWYSC reserves the right to require that an instance of its logo be re-sized if, in its opinion, the association name is difficult or impossible to read.
  • You may not alter the SWSC logo to incorporate any other object, including, but not limited to other logos, icons, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features, symbols, audio files or video files.
  • The SWSC logo graphic, when used in a Web or other Internet application, must be linked to https://www.saratogawiltonsoccerclub.com or packaged with a separate text link to the SWYSC URL.

SWSC Logo Files: Click File Name to Download SWSC Logo.

If you require the SWSC Logo in a different size or format, please contact Juergen A. Klingenberg via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (518) 581-8152.  

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