SWSC 2017 Playbook Fundraiser

SWSC is partnering with Accel Sports Fundraising to help raise money to support the educational mission of the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club.

SWSC will be offering a customized Saratoga Playbook for $20. Each Playbook has 48 coupons for local family friendly restaurants. The majority of these coupons contain $5 discounts, so a $20 donation can be recouped by using just 4 of the 48 coupons, which we think is a tremendous value. Use all the coupons and save over $200!

DUE DATE Due: Sunday, April 30th

All checks should be payable to: SWSC

Our Goal

  • 5 Playbooks per player
  • $20 per Playbook
  • All coupons are valid for 1 year (expiration date on coupons)
  • Additional orders can be made with the order form
  • Payment needs to be made to complete order.
  • Additonal Playbooks will be delivered back to you by 2nd week of May.


  1. Each player that sells all 5 playbooks will get (1) free Playbook at fundraiser conclusion.
  2. Both the boys and girls team with the highest average number of Playbooks sold will get a pizza party and Dry Fit t-shirts with the SWSC logo for every team member.
  3. The boy and girl that sell the most Playbooks will each receive either a soccer jersey of their choice (max value $100) or a $100 gift card.
  4. Each team that has every member of that team sell all 5 Playbooks will earn a pizza party.
  5. Each player that sells all 5 Playbooks will be put in a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card.

Accel Sports Fundraising

"Accel Sports Fundraising is Accelerating the industry to the next level. Focusing on our clubs needs and goals as a group first and building a financial plan around that has created many success stories. Once our goals are identified we moved on to creating a gameplan for success. Their hands-on approach to fundraising has allowed our club to stay focused on how to raise the money we need to achieve those goals.
Les Lawrence, Club President


Why is SWSC doing this fundraiser?

We are fundraising in order to financially support the current and future soccer needs of a growing soccer program at SWSC.

What is the fundraiser?

We are selling Playbooks which contain 48 coupons for local family-friendly restaurants.

How many Playbooks should I sell?

We are asking for players to sell at least 5 Playbooks each so we can meet our goal. However, the more Playbooks that are sold, the more opportunities our club will be able to povide moving forward.

For how long can we sell and purchase Playbooks?

Each player will go home with 5 playbooks when the program is launched. Playbooks are available for sale as of Saturday April 8th. The last day Playbooks will be available for purchase is Sunday April 30th.

When do coupons expire?

Coupons can be used immediately and do not expire until March 31st 2018.

Are there any prizes for selling Playbooks?

Yes! Players can earn both individual as well as team prizes. There is a link on our web site with details of the many exciting prizes available.

Do I collect money right away or wait until the end of the program?

Each player will be given 5 Playbooks to start. Consider each Playbook a $20 bill. Money should be collected when the Playbook is sold or ordered.

What do I do with the money once I sell a Playbook?

Once a Playbook is sold, please hold on to the money until the last game/practice your team has prior to April 30th. At that time, you should bring back all money collected, any unsold Playbooks, and all orders for more Playbooks to your team manager.

How can I keep track of the top individual and team sales?

At the end of each week, progress will be reported to your team manager. These sales will be tallied for top individual as well as team sales which will be updated on our website fundraising page regularly. Check it out on the SWSC web site at saratogawiltonsoccerclub.com

What do I do if I sell all 5 of my Playbooks and I would like to sell more?

There will be an order form included in your packet when you receive your Playbooks. Please record the name/address of the person who has ordered and collect the $20 as new Playbooks will need to be ordered. At the conclusion of the fundraiser April 30th, your team manager will tally all of those players that have sold more than their allotted 5 Playbooks and obtain additional Playbooks for distribution no later than the second week of May.

What do I do with any unsold Playbooks?

It is very important to return any unsold Playbooks to your team manager as the club will be charged $20 for any unsold Playbooks that are not returned.

Do you have other ideas if we are having difficulty selling all 5 Playbooks?

As the value of the coupons is over $250 if they are used, Playbooks are frequently requested by neighbors, friends and family. A Playbook can also make a great gift!

Can I pay by check and if so, to whom should the check be made out?

Yes. Checks should be made out to SWSC.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about this fundraiser?

As a first step, please contact your team manager who has received training on this fundraiser. If your question cannot be answered, your manager will contact a fundraising committee member to address your issue.

Can I sell a Playbook to out of town friends and family and if so, how?

You can text SWSC to the number 25827 to your out of town friends and family. This will provide them with a link to where they can buy a Playbook.  They will then have access to discounts provided by ~100 national companies. They can support you and SWSC by accessing our fundraiser in this manner. Playbooks sold by texting are not included in the 5 Playbook level we are asking players to sell as a smaller profit to the club is derived from online sales.
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