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SWSC guides and inspires student athletes to achieve their collective and individual potential through soccer.

Our Emphasis is on Developing Exceptional Soccer Players

  • SWSC is a youth competitive, select, and premier-level club that builds technical and tactical soccer skills in our 300+ boys and girls aged 5-18. We're a dynamic club of teams that compete in CDYSL and EDP fall, winter, and spring competition, and in local and regional tournaments.
  • Each year, a number of SWSC players try out for and are selected to participate in ENYYSA’s Olympic Development Program.
  • In addition, a number of top SWSC teams participate in CDYSL Empire Cup Kickoff Classic, a high-level tournament run by CDYSL.
  • SWSC players compete on school teams in Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Mechanicville, Luzerne, Queensbury, and South Glens Falls.
  • Our highly-competitive players go on to play at the next level in college soccer.
  • SWSC - a 501(c)(3) - is headed by a Board of Directors comprised of parent volunteers who guide the direction of the club. Your expertise and ideas are welcome.

Team Placements Registration

- Season

The - Season Placements will be held from June 17 - 27, .

Placements will take place over a two week period and we ask that players attempt to attend both sessions for their age group if possible.

Placements Schedule

SWSC 2022-2023 Season Results

Afrim’s Holiday Tournament:
BU14 Cruz Azul - Division Semifinalists
GU14 - Division Champions
GU16 - Division Finalists
GU17 - Division Semifinalists

Afrim’s MLK Tournament:
GU16 FC Barcelona - Division Co-Champions

Afrim’s Winter Session 1:
BU10 West Ham - League Champions
BU10 Manchester City - League Champions

Afrim’s Winter Session 2:

Afrim’s Winter Session 3:
BU9/10 Barcelona - League Champions (U12 Division)
GU16 FC Barcelona - League Champions
GU16 FC Barcelona Blue - League Runner Up

Force FC Mid-Winter Classic:
BU10 Barcelona - Division Runner Up
GU19 Select - Division Runner Up

Ramapo Tournament:
BU9 Leeds - Division Champions
RVSC Hudson Valley Indoor Tournament
BU11 Dortmund - Division Runner Up
GU11 Storm - Division Champions

CDYSL Empire Cup KickOff Classic:
BU14 Cruz Azul - Division Runner Up
GU16 FC Barcelona - Division Champions

Seacoast United Boys College Showcase:
BU19 - Division Champions

US Parma SC Spring Kickoff Classic:
GU19 Select - Division Honors

I88 Challenge:
BU14 Cruz Azul - Division Champions
GU14 Strikers - Division Runner Up

Rotterdam KickOff Classic:
GU19 Select - Division Champions

May Day Classic Tournament:
BU12 Young Stars - Division Champions
BU12 Madrid - Division Champions
GU12 Thorns - Division Champions
GU16 FC Barcelona - Division Champions
GU19 Select - Division Champions

ENY Challenge Cup:
BU11 Dortmund - Finalists

FC Dutchmen Memorial Day Tournament:
GU19 Select - Division Champions

Nordic Cup Tournament:
GU10 Storm - Premier Division Champions
BU10 Barcelona - Division Champions
GU11 Storm - Division Finalists
GU12 Thorns - Premier Division Finalists
BU12 Young Stars - Bracket Finalists
BU14 Cruz Azul - Division Champions
BU14 Atalanta - Bracket Finalist
GU16 Barcelona - Bracket Finalists

CDYSL Spring Season:
GU12 Thorns - Division 1 Champions
BU15 Rangers - Division 1 Champions
GU16 Barcelona - Division 1 Champions
GU17 - Division Champion
GU18- Division 1 Champion

Mad Dog Mania:
GU17 Blue - Undefeated

SWSC 2021-2022 Season Results

  • CDYSL Empire Cup KickOff Classic:
    Champions - GU12, BU11 Young Stars
  • I88 Challenge:
    Finalists - GU12
  • Rotterdam KickOff Classic:
    Champions - GU14 Chelsea
  • May Day 2022 Classic Tournament:
    Champions - GU18, GU15 FC Barcelona, BU12 Select 1
  • May Day 2022 Classic Tournament:
    Runner Up - GU14 Chelsea; BU11 Young Stars
  • Cobras FC Challenge Showcase:
    Champions - BU16
  • New England Soccer Classic:
    Champions - GU18
  • Needham Memorial Day Tournament:
    Champions - GU15 FC Barcelona; BU16 Celtic
  • Needham Memorial Day Tournament:
    Semi-Finalists - BU19 Celtic
  • Nordic Cup Tournament:
    Champions - BU19 Celtic, BU15 Rangers
  • CDYSL Spring Season:
    Division Champion - BU19 Celtic
  • CDYSL Spring Season:
    Division 1 Runner Up - GU16 (SWSC -NYE), BU12 Select 1
  • CDYSL Spring Season:
    Division 2 Runner Up - GU15 FC Barcelona, BU11 Young Stars
  • CDYSL Spring Season:
    Division 3 Runner Up - GU12 Storm
  • CDYSL Spring Season:
    Division Red Runner Up - BU16 SWSC United
  • EDP Spring Season:
    Division Runner Up - GU15 FC Barcelona

SWSC 2020-2021 Season Results

  • Candy Cup Tournament Champions:
    GU12 Select
  • CDYSL Fall Ball Undefeated Teams:
    GU10 Select, GU12 Select, GU14 Select
  • Afrim's Turkey Shootout Tournament Finalist:
    GU14 Select
  • Afrim's Holiday Tournament Champions:
    GU14 Select
  • Afrim's President's Day Tournament Finalist:
    GU14 Select
  • CDYSL Empire Cup KickOff Classic Champions:
    GU14 Select, GU16 Select
  • Rotterdam KickOff Classic Champions:
    GU16 Select
  • May Day 2021 Classic Tournament Champions:
    GU10 Select
  • May Day 2021 Classic Tournament Finalists:
    BU16 Chelsea, GU14 Select, GU14 Comp Blue/White, GU12 Lightning Bolts, GU10 Chelsea
  • ENY State Cup Quarterfinalists:
    BU16 Chelsea
  • Needham Memorial Day Tournament Champions:
    GU16 Select
  • Mad Dog College Showcase Division Champions:
    GU16 Select
  • Nordic Cup Tournament Division Champions:
    BU12 Select Chelsea
  • Nordic Cup Tournament Division Finalists:
    GU10 Strikers
  • CDYSL Spring Season Division Champions:
    GU14 Barcelona, GU16 Select, GU19 Fusion
  • CDYSL Spring Season Division 2nd Place:
    BU12 Chelsea, BU14 Rangers, GU12 Lightning Bolts

SWSC 2019 - 2020 Season Results

  • Jingle Bell Cup Tournament Champions:
    GU16 Select; BU15 Chelsea; BU10 Select; GU12 Select Lightning
  • Ramapo Valley Tournament Champions:
    BU15 Chelsea
  • Sportsplex of Halfmoon President's Day Cup Tournament Champions:
    GU12 Select 2
  • (Season cancelled due to COVID)

Congratulations to our Teams for a Successful 2018 - 2019 Season

  • EDP Spring 2nd Place: SWSC BU14 Select Chelsea, SWSC GU14 Select
  • CDYSL Champions: SWSC BU16 Select; SWSC GU14 Competitive Rayos Azules; SWSC GU12 Select Strikers; SWSC GU12 Competitive Blue Thunder; 
  • Cap City College Showcase Champions: SWSC GU16 Select Venature Azzurri
  • CDYSL Empire Cup State Kickoff Classic Champions: SWSC GU16 Select Venature Azzurri
  • GUSC-FC Dutchmen Memorial Day Invitational Champions: SWSC GU16 Select Venature Azzurri
  • Rotterdam Kickoff Classic Champions: SWSC BU10 Select
  • Skidmore Scramble Champions: SWSC GU12 Select
  • Niskayuna Soccer Classic Champions: SWSC GU12 Blue Thunder
  • Niskayuna Soccer Classic Finalists: SWSC GU14 Rayos Azules
  • May Day Classic Champions: SWSC BU14 Select Chelsea, SWSC GU16 Select Venature Azzuri & SWSC GU18 SWAT
  • May Day Classic Finalists: SWSC BU16 Select, SWSC GU12 Select Strikers & SWSC GU14 Select, SWSC BU12 Comp
  • May Day Classic Semi-Finalists: SWSC GU12 Blue Thunder & SWSC GU14 Rayos Azules
  • Mountain Mayhem Tournament Champions: SWSC GU14 Rayos Azules & SWSC GU16 Select Venature Azzurri
  • NEFC Spring Showcase Champions: SWSC GU14 Select
  • Nordic Cup Champions: SWSC BU14 Select Chelsea
  • Nordic Cup Finalists: SWSC BU12 Select Dynamo, SWSC GU14 Select 
  • Nordic Cup Semifinalists: SWSC GU14 Rayos Azules

SWSC 2017 - 2018 Season Results

  • EDP Champions: SWSC GU19 SWAT
  • CDYSL Champions: SWSC GU10 Sky Blue; SWSC BU12 Barcelona; SWSC GU12 Blue Streaks; SWSC GU14 Rayos Azules & SWSC GU14 Select
  • CDYSL 2nd Place: SWSC BU12 Real Madrid
  • Rotterdam Kickoff Classic Champions: SWSC GU14 Select
  • Needham (MA) Tournament Semifinalists: SWSC GU12 Blue Streaks & SWSC GU14 Select
  • Northstar Tournament 2nd Place: SWSC GU10 Sky Blue
  • Mountain Mayhem Tournament Champions: SWSC BU13/U14 Chelsea
  • Monroe Township (NJ) Spring Kickoff Champions: SWSC GU12 Blue Streaks
  • Turf Cup Tournament Champions: SWSC GU14 Select
  • Orange County Tournament Champions: SWSC GU16 Select
  • Nordic Cup (VT) Champions: SWSC BU13/U14 Chelsea
  • Nordic Cup (VT) Semifinalists: SWSC GU12 Blue Streaks & SWSC GU14 Select 
  • Burnt Hills Father's Day Tournament Champions: SWSC GU16 Select

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